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I’m a growth marketer with a focus on content marketing. You can see a list of my published content or read my blog.

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I hold a bachelor’s of Global Business & Digital Arts from the University of Waterloo (2016 – 2020). After graduating into a COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to start a freelance business using the Acadium apprenticeship platform. I invested 3 months working on web design and social media advertising projects with two companies that would later become my first freelance clients.

I utilized my skills in web design and development while also growing their businesses by advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. After sharing my positive experience on Acadium’s Podcast, they hired me to experiment with Snapchat, Facebook, and Quora ads. My role was then expanded to championing their content strategy by producing and optimizing blog content for SEO and managing their social media channels.

Ryan Carruthers - content marketing specialist