Doubling Jim Taylor's leads weekly leads

By rebuilding Jim Taylor’s website to reflect their premium brand and running Facebook ads that told his story we doubled his weekly leads. 

Doubling Weekly leads through Facebook ads

Doubling Jim Taylor's leads weekly leads

By rebuilding Jim Taylor’s website to reflect their premium brand and running Facebook ads that told his story we doubled his weekly leads. 

About Jim Taylor Custom Saddlery

Jim Taylor Custom Saddlery makes beautifully designed, handmade saddles in Texas. Their saddles go for anywhere between $6-$12,000 so the customers are very much involved in the process of getting their very own saddle made just right for them. 

Jim’s been in the business for over 40 years and knows a thing, or two about making saddles and pleasing customers. Jim’s saddles are made for performers. Using the best quality materials and using expert saddle makers Jim Taylor’s saddles are everything a rider will want and need when competing. Needless to say, Jim takes a lot of pride in his work.

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about jim taylor original web page

Redesigning the website

I was tasked to translate the same pride that Jim had towards his craft of creating beautiful saddles towards his website. His website had some elements that were really well done for their time, but it needed a revamp to reflect his brand more.

The Result

After doing a deep dive into the research of the custom saddle industry, exploring competitors, and getting an idea of what users wanted out of their websites when they visited I began making several iterations of prototypes.

I went back and forth with Jim and his team to get a firm idea of what they wanted their site to look and feel like before we went into development.

First Iteration

The first step was to start fleshing out the structure. I also was getting an idea of how dynamic in terms of design they wanted their website.

After A Few More...

After going back and forth with Jim and discussing what to include and how to display it we found something good to work with. This would give us a frame of reference for when we moved it to WordPress.

Time to Take it to WorPrress

After getting the prototypes right I started building it on WordPress. Throughout this process, Jim’s team and I continued to refine the look and feel of the site to get it just right before making it live.

Doubling his weekly leads through Facebook ads

Normally, Jim would get 1-2 calls a week from potential customers asking about getting a custom saddle made. These calls would primarily come from word-of-mouth clients or endorsers.

Jim’s endorsers were professional riders and trainers all around North America who would act as affiliates for his brand. Jim wanted to find new ways to attract customers to accelerate his growth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Making videos to drive traffic to the new website

We decided to contract out one of Jim’s endorsers who was also a videographer to create promotional videos of all the other endorsers.

The strategy was to create high-quality video content that told the story of professional riders and capture what they thought of the Jim Taylor saddles. These videos elevated the brand and would be used as content to drive traffic to his website.

Using videos as ads lead to a doubling of Jim's weekly leads

We would publish these 3-5 minute videos on Jim’s social media pages and receive great feedback from customers and people who liked his brand.

The real results came, however, when we began reaching people with these videos that didn’t previously know about his brand. This was done through targeting on Facebook ads. 

Jim went from getting 1-2 calls a week to 4 or 5 which made a large difference to the bottom line when each saddle was almost $10k.