Executing SEO strategy to reduce dependence on paid ads

Executing SEO strategy to reduce dependence on paid ads

Acadium’s growth was heavily reliant on paid ads. The goal was to attract more organic signups through organic content.

Executing SEO strategy to reduce dependence on paid ads

Executing SEO strategy to reduce dependence on paid ads

By rebuilding Jim Taylor’s website to reflect their premium brand and running Facebook ads that told his story we doubled his weekly leads. 

About Acadium Digital Apprenticeships

At Acadium, they match online business owners with aspiring digital marketers for three-month remote apprenticeships to help them launch or grow their careers in a rapidly changing job market.

The apprenticeships are unpaid to make them more accessible to the apprentices who are looking to launch their careers without any experience.

My job was to attract more apprentice signups through organic content.

Increasing signups with helpful content

I was tasked with implementing an SEO content strategy. I would publish three blog posts a week and optimize them for keywords that would attract our apprentice personas.

Our apprentice personas were divided into two categories. Click the images below to read more.

The Result

We implemented our content strategy to publish three blog posts a week over three months that would provide value to our personas. The results were as follows:

  • Organic monthly traffic increased by 64%
  • Organic keywords grew by 153%
  • Our backlinks grew by 50%
Our daily impressions went from 500-660 impressions a day in October 2020 to 1200-1500 impressions per day in January 2021

October 2020

October blog impressiones

January 2021

January blog impressions

Three blog posts a week

Our blog content was divided into three different categories.

  1. Informative articles. We would write about how to get started as a digital marketer, the skills needed in the industry, and give advice on how to succeed as a marketer.
  2. Highlight businesses on Acadium’s platform who could be a potential mentor for our users. We’d share a weekly round-up of mentors ready to teach our apprentices SEO, social media marketing, web design, and more.
  3. Success stories. We’d share stories of previous apprentices who had found full-time jobs or started their own freelance businesses through Acadium.